SINCE 1978!
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Aisopou Tales

How many of us havent been identified at least once with the lazy
cicada or the workers ant? Four myths of Aisopos who, with their
simplicity, have the ability to move, entertain and teach, especially our
little friends, the truth always with a smile.

Handmade large puppets, fantastic costumes, rich scenes,
Laughter and messages for children and adults!

With their voices of famous Greek artists:
Thanassis Tsaltabasis
Apostolis Totsikas


They are also heard: Marilia Nomikou, Panayiota Mosiadou, Nikitas
Anastopoulos, Nikolas Gotsis, Lena Denaxa.
The recording was done in Vitro Studio


EDITING: Panayiota Mosiadou
MUSIC: Dimitris Sinogiannis
DIRECTION: Thanassis Gotsis
MAKE UP: Mina Mavromatis
COSTUMES: Irene Gotsi
SCENE: Takis Agrapidakis, Ermis Graphics

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